Some people have a story to tell and as you can see mine was a big one.For health reason and just because i wanted to feel better,not ly around and have no energy I listen to my doctors and my college friend kent Lawrence and with his help starting me almost a year ago.This is the out come now lots more energy,healthier besides what i let slip and i paid for it.Working out and playing sports my whole life I LET EVERYTHING GET IN MY WAY.HARD LESSON BUT NOW I FEEL GOOD AND AM READY TO FIGHT THIS KIDNEY SITUATION , ACTUALLY MY KIDNEY FUNCTION WENT BACK UP FROM 18 T0 24 WHICH IS GREAT.What im saying to you all its a choice and dont wait till something tragic happens before you take control of your own life. You may not want to or believe in weight loss programs or products But These really do what they say.Im living proof Thanks Kent Lawrence

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