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Leading by Example Leading by Example Leading by Example

The Valentus Name The Valentus Name The Valentus Name

In Latin origin, the word ‘Valentus’ means ‘prevail’. Prevail has been defined as being more powerful than opposing forces and superior in strength and influence. This is a perfect name for a company striving to be the best example in an industry that needs leaders. And some might relate their V logo to being victorious, or a victory.

The Commitment The Commitment The Commitment

“Since day one, the focus, the passion, and the commitment has been to create a company, a product line, and an opportunity built on a foundation of integrity. From creating significant levels of income, to building strong networks, healthy long-lasting relationships, making new friends, participating in activities you never even knew existed, having the time to do the things you love with the people you love to be with, VALENTUS can help you PREVAIL in ALL of your goals!”

Dave jordan Dave jordan Dave jordan

Valentus Founder & CEO Valentus Founder & CEO Valentus Founder & CEO

Dave Jordan – Founder and CEO.  A man of vision with the work ethic to back it up, Dave leads by example. He doesn’t just tell his team what to do. He gets in the trenches with them and leads the way. And he does it with passion and enthusiasm. That determined desire to make it happen and get it right has been his driving force. It always has been. Starting with no experience as an owner, he has gone on to become one of the most successful and admired leaders in our time, with a commitment to continue to take Valentus to the top.

Dave Jordan

Dave's Vision

“From a breakthrough new line of products, to the highest level manufacturing facilities on the planet, to a compensation plan that is unparalleled in the network marketing industry, to our corporate team that represents an unmatched level of leadership and integrity, at VALENTUS our mission is to help people PREVAILin ALL aspects of their life!”

MLM – Network Marketing Opportunity MLM – Network Marketing Opportunity MLM – Network Marketing Opportunity

Valentus is a direct sales company that provides an ​income opportunity for their independent representatives for sharing the products and for building teams of other independent representatives that do the same. These reps can be rewarded with commissions on product sales that are produced by them and their teams via a compensation plan. The plan pays 6 different ways through multiple generations deep in their organizations. 

Compensation Plan Compensation Plan Compensation Plan

A Statement From Valentus A Statement From Valentus

Valentus launched the ultimate compensation plan with a profit structure unparalleled by any pay plan in the direct marketing industry. Four top pay plan experts got together and equipped Valentus with 7 POWER BONUSES that can help you achieve the lifestyle of your dreams faster than was ever possible before

The Valentus compensation plan is fair and lucrative. It’s what I like to call a balanced plan. It works for everyone and without all the annoying hoops to jump through and requirements to rank up like so many other plans do. It is simple in structure yet very powerful. The main component is a modern binary that pays to infinity with a uni-level laid over top of it. The uni-level pays up to 7 levels deep of additional matching bonuses, and there’s fast start bonuses as well. 

Other components include a really slick coded infinity bonus, fast start bonuses, a global pool bonus, a car bonus, and retail commissions.

Compensation Plan Basics Compensation Plan Basics

Valentus Comensation Plan
  1. Retail Profit – earn by purchasing at wholesale and selling at retail. You keep all the profit.
  2. ​​Fast Start Bonus – Earn a percent on the initial orders of all those you personally bring into the business. FSB pays weekly.
  3. Legacy Bonus – a very powerful piece to this plan. Earn 100$ coded bonus commissions over and over to infinity. 
  4. ​Dual Team Commission – This is your binary payout. Build two teams, a left and a right. Earn a percent from the sales happening within your teams.
  5. ​Dual Team Matching Bonus –  Get rewarded with an extra commission for helping your personally enrolled teamates AND on their organizations up to 5 level deep. Pays weekly.
  6. Global Enrollment Pool – Earn a share of the pool for bringing in 3 business builders in any given month. Pays monthly.
  7. Vehicle Bonus – Hit Diamond rank and get your vehicle bonus on any vehicle 2 years old or newer!

The plan also contains a nice retail component for those people who might not necessarily want to build a team, but would like to sell some product to get their product free. In total there are 7 different ways to earn and it pays out up to 54% which is high for the industry. This plan can bring abundance to Valentus independent representatives and retailers while maintaining stability for the company.

Company Provided Marketing Aides Company Provided Marketing Aides Company Provided Marketing Aides

Powerline Marketing System Powerline Marketing System

Valentus has a powerful state-of-the-art automated powerline marketing system that creates a fear-of-loss and an urgency for members to get upgraded and to jump above those who do not upgrade. It’s a powerful system that is creating a buzz in the industry and driving momentum in the company. You can get an overview at the video below.

Valentus Powerline Valentus Powerline

Marketing Tools & Training Marketing Tools & Training


Prospecting Tool Prospecting Tool

This is pretty special and my Valentus review would not be complete without talking about our Ditto Touch marketing presentation tool. It is a 3rd party tool that the company is providing, so it does need to be included in our Valentus review. We believe it’s the most powerful marketing tool available for the newbie or the pro. Watch the short video below to get an idea of what Ditto Talk and Ditto Touch is.

Watch This Valentus DittoTouch Review Video Watch This Valentus DittoTouch Review Video

The best thing about Ditto Talk is that anyone can do it. It doesn’t matter the experience level or networking knowledge a person has, they can be doing an Valentus presentation within minutes. It really evens the playing field as the ‘usual’ learning curve required for knowing enough about your business to present it properly is all but wiped out. Any Valentus distributor no matter how new can be presenting the company and the opportunity as well as the expert …. in an instant.

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