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Some people have a story to tell and as you can see mine was a big one.For health reason and just because i wanted to feel better,not ly around and…

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Slowly but surely ??? GOAL: 55kls body weight before my BIG day! ?? (I was 55kls when we we're 6months in relationship and I am 80kls when we celebrated our 6years in…

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This my journey to slimroastcoffee??❤i've started last feb 2019 and i was 68.7kg almost 3months now and my weight is 57kg.❤you can see the difference i have chubby cheeks ?and now…

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Oh yes! It's True! I'm Changed! I'm Confident! I'm Satisfied! I'm Happy! I'm a wife and a mother of three kids. I chose to stay at home to take care…

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“I took this photo last Friday at the Leadership Conference at Las Vegas .. I thought I would compare it to my Original !!!! WOWZA ??? 70# - 5 Sizes difference ;…

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2016 vs 2019 - what a difference. I can’t believe how much my change of lifestyle, diet and products I have included in to my daily routine have helped me…

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