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Emulin Plus Emulin Plus Emulin Plus


Only available to order in Option 1 (Basic pack)

EMULIN® was developed by Dr. Joseph Ahrens – a two-time Nobel Prize nominee. He often says that if EMULIN® was discovered 50 years ago it would have been classified as a “vitamin.” Modern day food processing has stripped “EMULIN®-like compounds” from our diet. These need to be added back by supplementation.

The active ingredients in EMULIN® help your body overcome the negative effects of carbs in natural and holistic way.  Its all-natural patented blend to significantly reduce the negative effects of carbohydrates, giving sustained energy throughout the day and is a huge breakthrough in the battle against diabetes

The discovery by Dr. Joe Ahrens is not just the ingredients, but the way they work together. Although intended to be included in our diets by nature, they are no longer found together except in Emulin. This is part of the Emulin Plus patent.

published research ON Emulin here >


We consume too many refined carbohydrates, especially sugars and starches. Excess carbs lead to “carb toxicity”—increased blood sugar, elevated blood fats, excessive weight gain, poor sleep, sluggish physical and mental energy, etc. Excessive carb intake causes blood sugar peaks, leading to tiredness and constant hunger. Prolonged excessive carb intake leads to inflammation—the root cause of most disease

Contributes to prevent following diseases:

  • Diabetes type 2
  • Obesity
  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Cancer (which feed on sugar)
  • Kidney problem

Benefits the following:

  • Lowers the risk of diabetes
  • Prevents spikes in blood sugar levels (regulates optimal levels)
  • Prevents blood sugar crash.
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Prevents organ inflammation & deterioration
  • Helps regulate blood pressure
  • Helps prevent cardiovascular diseases
  • Increases energy level
  • Improves quality of sleep
  • Prevents joint inflammation

Emulin tackles these things:

  • Excess consumption of sugar
  • Blood sugar levels in control (no peaks or drops)
  • Prevents sugar to turn into fat cells
  • Chronic Inflammation

Sugar is hazardous to our health and they bring about unwanted chronic inflammation
Cleansing our systems of these poisons creates a domino effect benefiting your health and wellness. We are hearing it every day from excited Emulin users. The product stories are amazing.


Dr. Ahrens is a two time Nobel Prize nominee specializing in plant and animal physiology, currently renowned for his break through work in metabolic sciences. Dr. Ahrens along with Dr. Thompson are the scientist that made the groundbraking discovery of Emulin. 

Hear what he has to say about the benefits of Emulin. 

The Emulin story:

The Emulin story is fascinating and it’s something that we think everyone should know about.

Dr. Ahrens and Dr. Thompson crossed paths both been working as a researchers in the food industry with the knowledge that grapefruit was promoting weight loss.  They were also curious about why people who drank excess of processed sugar drinks ended up having diabetes issues and people who went for fruits like oranges or other juice in excess which also contains natural sugars were not getting diabetes, so they started their research.

They decided to partner up and prove that it really worked,. they felt confident enough that grapefruit really did promote weight loss, so they put together a study. The study, was a success… it proved that grapefruit juice, by itself, caused weight loss. And they also discovered something else in the process… there was a change in insulin activity.  It appeared to be mimicking insulin. That was the beginning of their Emulin story, but just the beginning. Their journey ultimately led to the amazing Emulin Plus product that we know today.

From studying grapefruit and it’s effect in the body, Dr. Ahrens now knew there was an actual physiological effect.. So Dr. Ahrens and Dr. Thompson decided to spin off and start their own company …ATM Metabolics. Dr. Ahrens was just too compelled and determined to find out what was going with this insulin activity. He knew it could lead to something major. And it did.

This was in 2003 and for the next 4 or 5 years, they worked hard to learn more about what was inside grapefruit that was having this effect on insulin activity.   During this time, they made many discoveries … including learning that it was not just grapefruit having this effect, but any plants originating in the tropics.

More determined than ever, they kept going knowing that they were seriously on to something. They went on to discover the compounds that they now refer to as sugar chaperones. These “sugar chaperones” act as carriers. The carriers transport the sugars we consume, to areas in our bodies, like our muscles and our brains, to be used as food and energy.

If left alone, and not carried away, our bodies treat these sugars as poison and deposit them into our fat cells, where they turn into fat, and where they omit constant inflammatory signals. It is this constant barrage of inflammatory signals that is referred to as “chronic inflammation”. It’s deadly, and it’s something that we all have.

This is an amazing discovery, as these compounds that they call “sugar chaperones” are not available in our food supplies together, as they can be in a supplement. An epic discover for the health and wellness industry. Not only can these sugar chaperones carry away the refined sugars and the refined carbs that we’ve just consumed, they can also leach or draw pre-existing sugar toxins out of the fat cells, back into the blood stream, to do the same thing.

The Emulin was initially not designed for the purpose of weight loss, and it’s not also labeled a weight loss product… but many people that have used the  Emulin  has found out that weight loss has been a positive side effect. Research shows that there are distinct connections between excessive weight and high blood sugar levels. So when one lowers, the other follows. 

Simply put Emulin one of the best all-natural compounds that were gotten from extracts of various fruits like grapes, berries, and grapefruit. Emulin has proven to be a huge breakthrough in the battle against diabetes, and this compound has shown the ability to buffer the effects of glucose on the metabolic pathway in human beings.

About Dr.Joseph Ahrens:

Dr. Ahrens previously served as Executive Director of Agriculture Enterprise Development and Technology for Alico, Inc., one of the world’s largest ranching/farming operations whereby he conceived and developed business opportunities including key strategy toward integrated operations and vertical integration of business units.

Prior to Alico, Dr. Ahrens was Director of Research for the Florida Department of Citrus and Sr. Director of Engineering and Technical Services for Green Giant Fresh. Ahrens was a founding partner of Freshconsult Ges.mbH of Salzburg Austria, which became a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell in 1997. During this period, Ahrens managed over 40 agribusiness projects in over 32 countries. Clients included most major agribusiness vendors and their subsidiaries and suppliers such as Chiquita, Del Monte, Dole, Marks and Spencer, and Safeway. Projects included plantation and shipping port development; harvesting/handling, processing and distribution, and export market development.

Previous to this assignment, Dr. Ahrens served on the faculty of the University of California at Davis, specializing in transport, distribution, and marketing systems of agricultural goods.

Ahrens received his BS from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville and an MS and PhD from the University of Florida, receiving the UF president’s outstanding
scholar and Savant award. He has authored or served as the editor of numerous scientific and technical papers and book chapters, and holds several international patents in biology.

Ahrens was twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, based on his work on viruses and metabolic diseases. 

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