I look at myself on the left and I remember feeling discouraged most days, even after just waking up.


Because my mind would go right for “what food will I eat {or worse – not eat} today.

I was miserable.
A constant struggle for me.
Mind & body.

A little over 5 months ago, EVERYTHING changed. I have not gone to bed ? one night regretting what I ate. I have not woke up with my mind focused on food either.

 Not even once 

Years of intense exercise
Years of on and off strict meal plans
Still struggling.
Not so much with my weight but the battle ? was always in my mind.
Day after day after day.

You know that friend that is just “always skinny” or “always fit” That friend that never cares about food and you don’t ever hear her mention “starting over on Monday……”

I am now that friend. I now, no longer battle my mind when it comes to food.

When I found MAGIC COFFEE ☕️ I legit thought I was dreaming.
Thankfully I haven’t woke up yet.
And I don’t plan to. ?

If you are ready to start doing something you’ve NEVER done simply by swapping your 1st cup of coffee ☕️ this is IT ‼️‼️

Its TIME to reach your weight loss goals and become that non-food-focused-friend you’ve always admired. ❤️

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